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Eating a balanced diet as a uni student

Eating a balanced diet as a student isn’t always simple – but here’s why you should replace your takeaway with a home cooked meal every once in a while!

Similar to petrol to a car, humans need food to fuel themselves. Food is how we are able to live and go about our everyday lives. This is why it is important to fuel ourselves with good food and not with takeaways or unhealthy snacks. Now that’s not to say a good meal has to be complicated or you can never eat something mildly unhealthy again, more that eating the right food will help you learn and live at university.

Don’t open Uber Eats!

It’s so easy after having a long day of lectures to open up a takeaway app and order something in. While that saves you cooking, it doesn’t save you any money and will only make you feel more tired after eating it.

The best thing to do after a long day is to cook something energising to lift you up, even if that feels like it will make your long day longer. For example, an easy, energising meal is cooking up some chicken, chopping up some of your favourite vegetables and putting it all into a delicious wrap. Not a fan of meat? That’s okay just swap out the chicken for some Quorn chicken or put some beans in there to ensure you are getting your daily protein.

Wake me up…

Another benefit to cooking instead of ordering in takeaways is how food impacts your body and brain. Fuelling yourself with the right food improves your alertness and enables you to work harder and more efficiently while studying. So, by ensuring you are eating all the nutrients you need through cooking at home, you also improve how well you perform and study at university; better food = better studying!

So, put down that Uber Eats app, pick up a frying pan and fuel your body with a balanced diet to keep up all your studying.

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