Keele University Pharmacy School.

85% of surveyed students were the first generation in their family to attend university.

Over 89% of students at the school enrolled in were from a Nursing course. Student usage of the software peaked during times such as exam periods and around deadlines. Additionally, 85% of students involved in our research identified as the first generation of their family to attend university. began a pilot project with the School of Human and Health Sciences in the September 2020 academic term. The software was introduced to take the school’s peer mentoring scheme online, enabling remote communication between students. In particular, the software was used to allow students on nursing placements to access support off-campus.  

“…an excellent potential mechanism for our students, enabling them to contact each other for the purposes of buddying and mentoring.”

– Jackie Andrews, Skills and Development Manager, Nottingham University Business School. 

“Tyfy has given me tangible evidence of my skills through reviews, which helps me stand out from the crowd in interviews.”

– Holly, Final Year student at NUBS.