Pharmacy School

Over 50% of students preferred Tyfy to their previous mentoring system. was used to replace the school’s previous, paper based mentoring system that formed a core component of the Pharmacy course.

Students at the Pharmacy School are required to complete mentoring as part of the professional accreditation of their course. was employed by the school in order to streamline and simplify this system, making it more accessible and engaging for students.

In 2020 an independent study was conducted alongside Dr Katy Maddock, Head of School, and the software is still being used by Pharmacy students today.

76% of students found the software ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use.

– Independent research collected by the school.

Pharmacy School

‘I feel like it’s more authentic than the paper-based system where we used to meet up simply to fill in a sheet’.

– Anonymous third year student.

Pharmacy School

‘Easy to use and very flexible to interact with my buddy, no mutually arranged time required to meet, can use system in your own time.’

– Anonymous student.