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Becoming a More Productive Student

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Being at university not only comes with work and lectures, but also keeping up a social life, as well as staying healthy. It’s easy to get caught up in one and let the others suffer. However, it is possible to get that first and attend crisis every week! I will show you how…

Keeping a Positive Mindset

Okay, let’s be honest, we’re students. Most of our free time is spent on watching endless YouTube videos, scrolling through Instagram and binge-watching Netflix. It is okay to do all these things, but in moderation. How can we eliminate this procrastination effectively and become productive student.P

This was mentioned in my last article, but thinking positively and optimistically about your degree will give you a better outlook on your potential and you will be more likely to succeed if you are willing to put more work in.

Plan Your Work:

Although it is recommended that you work in the mornings, I know (as a student myself), that this can be almost impossible some days. Additionally, for some courses, having minimal contact hours can also mean that you can easily get out of routine and find that you get no work done when you aren’t in lectures. Therefore, set aside the number of hours you want to spend on each module for the week and create your own timetable that you stick to, for example, I will ensure I do at least 6 hours of work a day, and go to the library on campus to ensure I get it done!

Take Regular Breaks

There has been research that has shown that the human brain cannot maintain concentration for more than 25 minutes. After that, our brain becomes less and less efficient. Working for short periods of time and taking regular breaks will ensure you keep concentrated and maximise the amount of work you get done.


Following on from planning a timetable of the work you need to get done, regimenting exercise into your week is so important not only for your fitness, but also for your mental health. This has been supported with extensive research, and so even if it seems hard – you will be thankful for it.


For me, this is an essential. It is underestimated how important sleep is for our brain functioning and overall happiness. Sleep deprivation not only means that your brain will struggle to process information, it will also cause bad moods – which won’t be nice for you or the people around you. It is recommended that we have a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night, so if you ensure this happens, then you will be highly functioning.

Write lists

It can be overwhelming when it seems like you have an endless amount of work to do, as well as the other responsibilities we have as being a student. Writing a ‘to do list’ will help to organise your thoughts and you will be able to plan your time with ease.

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