Am I choosing the right University course?

Am I choosing the right University course?

Do you have mixed feelings about University? Worried about your course or University itself? It’s perfectly normal to feel like this, and you’re definitely not the only one. You might feel that your University course and work are all too much for you, but uncertainty and doubt are normal things to feel – and more people feel it than you might imagine. However, there are a few things to consider, if you still have doubt.

Is your University course right for you?

If you feel uneasy about your course, think back to why you chose it in the first place. Did you choose the course because you enjoy it? Was it a subject that you couldn’t wait to learn more about? If it wasn’t, it might be wise to ask your personal tutor, a parent or a friend for some guidance on what to do. It might be that this particular course just isn’t for you.

Am I choosing the right University course?

Sometimes, people might enjoy the subject at A-Level but the next level up is not suited for them. It is best to think about why you have chosen your degree course. Was it to better your job prospects or to please your parents? In the end, it has to come from you and what you enjoy. Otherwise, it can be hard to put in all the work effort that is needed for University on a subject that you were never that keen on at the start.

Is it the right time for you?

If you find that you still really enjoy the subject and are keen to learn more, but you do not feel right about it for this year, it might be wise to take a couple of years off. You could fill your time by doing some other work and have a taste of the professional work environment. A step away from academic life. Whether you’ll be doing internships, apprenticeship or be in full-time employment, you can always get back to education a couple of years down the line. Not everybody needs to start University at 18.

Am I choosing the right University course?

But before you make any decisions, consider all the reasons you decided to start University in the first place – and read our advice on why dropping out isn’t always the answer.

To end with, it is a totally normal thing to feel apprehensive about University and it might be just nerves that you are feeling beforehand. But whatever path you decide to take, do what you are good and passionate about. That way you will get the most out of your work.

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Am I choosing the right University course?

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