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Easy tips and tricks to earning money as a university student

Earning money as a student can be challenging to say the least – here are some ideas to get you started …

Reuse, repurpose, resell.

If you have any old clothes, jewellery, shoes, or anything else you no longer use, sell them! It’s not only a great, easy way to earn some money but also helps the environment by not contributing to the fast fashion industry. There’re apps such as Depop and Vinted but you should also check out whether your university does a second-hand sale and set up a stand there. Students are always looking for nice, cheaper clothes so selling them on campus is a great opportunity!

Need a dog sitter?

Alongside babysitting is also dog sitting. So, if you’re not a fan of kids, this is another alternative. Many people are often looking for someone to go in and check on their furry friend while they are at work and sometimes are also looking for someone to stay with their dog while they are away. If you are an animal lover or miss your pets at home, take this opportunity to spend some time with your favourite animals while also getting paid.

Earning money from your skills

Another good way of making money at university is through offering a service such as doing nails, makeup, hair or tutoring or coaching a football team. Utilising your skills to earn money is an easy way to make money because not only will you enjoy what you are doing, but you can also develop these skills further and make a small business out of it. For example, creating stick on nails and selling them online or to people at your university. Building a “side hustle” to target the students at your university is a good way of guaranteeing people will use what you have to offer and you will earn money from it.

There are many other ways you can earn money, such as from a part time job, but is you need somewhere to start, try some of these and see how far you get!

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