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Organising your life when you feel out of control

If you’re anything like me, when you’re busy you lose track of routine. Exam season is an accelerant to that. The days and nights merge into one big stress fuelled week and often it’s difficult to decipher what day it is. It’s almost always later in the week than you imagine, time just goes so fast when you’re not having fun. To get a better grasp on reality you need organisation. I can’t tell you how many times my friends have asked, what are you doing unloading your entire wardrobe!? for me to reply “getting my life together”.

So if you’re guilty of losing track of yourself during the exam period here’s a few (small) ways you can gain a little control back and start organising your life.

1. Tidy Your Room

This might sound like you’re back at home and your mum’s nagging you to clean up after yourself but the wonders a tidy room can do for your productivity are next to none! Start with making your bed every morning after you wake up. Your room will look immediately tidier and when you come back after a long day you won’t be walking into a mess. If you’ve got some more time on your hands re-organise your wardrobe. We’re all guilty of chucking clothes unfolded and off the hanger into the wardrobe in a rush. Then probably all guilty again of being annoyed at our past selves when it come to finding that top in and amongst the mess. So take a little time out to put everything in its place and while you’re at it do your damn washing!

2. Change EVERYTHING Around

Okay so this one might seem a little drastic but follows on from my last point very nicely. This is also going to need a bit more time so probably best post exam. Change your entire room around. There’s nothing more cathartic than change. Stand back, look at your room and think could my bed look better on the left? If you have the space and the flexibility go for it, a change of environment is sure to help you feel more in control of your life. Chances are the way your room is set up now is the way it’s been throughout exam season. Now that’s over, mix it up a bit!

3. Get a Calendar

Remember what I said about losing track of the days? Immediate solution – a calendar. Pin it up on your wall somewhere you’ll see everyday and actually use it! Mark on any and every plan and cross off the days as you go. You’ll have a visual way to keep track of any upcoming deadlines or better, celebrations. Using a calendar can not only give you organisation but motivation! Having things to look forward to post exams will help you get through the tough weeks.

4. Have a Throw-Out

Every year when it comes to moving back home after university it seems we have more stuff than we started off with!? Can’t really say why but students acquire odd bits and bobs along the way. Whether that’s clothes left by your friends, freebies from student stalls or bits of fancy dress from socials. Its either stuff you don’t need, or should probably give back to its rightful owner. So have a throw-out, get rid of all the junk clogging your draws. If you think anyone else would benefit from the stuff take it down to a charity shop. Although I’m not sure if they’d appreciate that jumper you shrunk in the wash.


Now just to be clear, as I’m often reminded by my friends, this is NOT a coping mechanism for control… but hey, if it makes you feel better why the hell not!?

When we’re busy we often we neglect ourselves. Maybe your roots have grown out a little past what could be deemed intentional or your skincare routine has gone down the pan? Treat yourself to a little self care. If you feel happily put together on the outside no doubt you’ll reek the benefits inside too. Whether that’s buying a face mask or going a little further and changing up your hair if it makes you feel like you’ve got a good hold on yourself you’re doing something right! The same goes for getting a tattoo – but maybe spare a thought for what your mum might think first.

The reality of it is that we will never feel fully in control of our lives, no matter how many of these tips you implement. Things happen that we don’t plan for, exams come and go and new challenges crop up in our lives. Whats important is keeping a hold on yourself and appreciating the small things you can do something about, namely the state of your bedroom and hoarding habits.

See how a bit of organisation here and there could help you feel out of control less and less.

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