Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

Everyone who knows me knows I’m that person that secretly loves it when her friends cancel plans so that she doesn’t have to. It’s a miracle they still invite me anywhere. But I’m also 100% the friend that complains when everyone else is out having a good time. So consider this post a letter to my love- hate relationship with going out, and a message to all my fellow part-time loners: you’re not the only one.

Going out

Uni drinking culture

Ever since the first night of freshers, the general consensus on Uni nights out is that if you’re not drinking you’re not having fun. Let me just say straight away that that’s bullsh*t. You don’t need to drink to have fun, you shouldn’t feel pressured to drink at all if you don’t want to, and anyone who says or makes you feel otherwise doesn’t deserve your company on a night out (or at all) anyway. End of.

Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

That said, it is also perfectly okay if you do want to drink, as long as you’re staying safe. Try not to mix, eat a decent meal beforehand, drink as much water as possible and keep an eye on your drink. You can also check out our tips for curing a hangover here.

Can you afford it?

Going out every other night of the week obviously isn’t sustainable. That’s just common sense. But the cost of your flatmate’s birthday drinks, tickets for the band you’ve been waiting to see and the ‘because we’re bored’ trip to the SU can really add up. Try to budget on nights out, and only spend what you can afford. My personal biggest downfall is that I become the most generous person in the world on a night out. First round? On me. Uber? On me. Food after? On me. It’s dangerous. Definitely only take cash, so you don’t get tap happy with your card and wake up to a massive bill.

Know when to call it a night

Coming from the Queen, of the Backdoor Shuffle, knowing when enough is enough is the key to a successful night out. You don’t have to stay until closing at 3 am just to prove you had a good time. That said, do make sure you let at least one of your friends know when you’re leaving and please, please don’t try and get home alone.

Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

Not going out

Prepare for FOMO

Okay, so, inevitably you’re not going to feel great when you’re sat at home watching your friend’s excessive Snapchat stories documenting every second of the Best Night Ever. But you did kind of sign up for it. The fear of missing out really does suck, but its not the end of the world – you’ll get over it, I promise.

Staying in is the best

There really is nothing wrong with skipping on the night out to stay home with your pyjamas, take out pizza and Netflix. After all, getting all dressed up to spend half your night queuing for entry/ the bar/ toilets and the other half getting stood on by people with questionable dance moves just isn’t for everybody. And that’s okay!

It doesn’t have to be lonely

Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

Staying in doesn’t have to make you a loner. Some of my best nights at Uni have been spent with my flatmates, making enchiladas, piling into someone’s bedroom and binge watching Friends. Just because you’re staying in, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other

Ultimately, your love hate relationship with going out doesn’t mean you have to break up with it altogether. It’s okay to skip it when you’re not in the mood, but you don’t have to swear off it forever – there really is nothing like a good dance to lift your spirits.

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Navigating your love-hate relationship with Going Out

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