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Pro tips: cleaning out your student house for summer

We all know the fate of our deposit truly rests in the hands of the Big End Of Year Clean. Imagine the look on your landlords face when he wipes his hand up the banister to find not a single spec of dust? Here’s a few tips on how to really clear your house ready for summer.


If you’re running on a tight budget vinegar will be your best friend. You can buy it pretty much anywhere, and for as little as 30p a bottle. As an acid vinegar makes a great cleaning product. Any stubborn sticky messes can easily be tackled with a few dashes of vinegar on a sponge. It comes into its own when battling stubborn hard water marks on your shower door or wiping away soap scum from sinks and baths. Make sure vinegar is in your cleaning product arsenal and you won’t regret it – neither will your bank!


Q-tips will make cleaning every hard to reach crevice and crack child’s play. If your landlord is particularly picky (as most are) then you’ll want to make every effort to having a spotless house. Think about the grooves around the fridge seals, the little crevices around the microwave? A normal sponge might miss these places so get out your Q-tips and get in there.

Half a Lemon

So you’ve given your fridge a real deep clean, it looks spotless, but the smell? For some reason you can’t get a years worth of moulding garlic smell out!? It’s unsurprising really but actually quite annoying for you and the next years tenants. So what do you do? Get out half a lemon and a plate of baking soda! Give the lemon a bit of a squeeze and rub around the baking soda then leave it in your fridge. After a few days you’re bound to notice the change in smell leaving you with an almost brand new fridge. Just remember to take the lemon out the fridge afterwards!

Magic Erasers

Something a little more pricey but definitely worth the investment. Student housing is a magnet for mysterious marks on the walls – how do you get a shoe print on the ceiling!? Its something landlords pick up on straight away and they will charge you to repaint the walls. This can cost you around £40/wall. Spending £4 on some magic erasers sounds a lot more healthy for your bank right? They work by acting like an ultra fine sandpaper on marked walls and can basically remove anything.

So there’s a few shopping essentials to consider when preparing for the big end of year clean. Most are super budget friendly so no reason not to give a few of these a go. After All your deposit is on the line.

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