Fresher's Week: Do's and Don'ts

Fresher’s Week: Do’s and Don’ts

Fresher’s Week can be great fun, but it’s also a breeding ground for big mistakes. Here’s a few of mine that you can learn from:

Do: Pack plenty of medicine

There’s no debating it: you will get Fresher’s Flu. Me, I completely lost my voice for about three weeks, but it could be anything from a sore throat to a blazing cold. Pack lots of vitamin c and try to take it (according to the guidelines) before you get ill. Your immune system is guaranteed to need the boost.

Don’t: Assume it’s all about drinking

There’s a huge (very wrong) assumption that Fresher’s week is just about getting absolutely smashed for seven days straight. And, okay, there’s likely to be a fair amount of alcohol involved. But you probably haven’t done that much drinking before, so take it easy – your tolerance won’t be great. And remember: there’s no rule that says you have to drink if it’s not your thing. No one will care, and there’s plenty of sober activities you can get involved with.

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Fresher's Week: Do's and Don'ts
Bonus round: Don’t think your student accommodation will be anywhere near as fancy as this

Do: Keep your door open

Okay, so maybe not all the time. But what I really mean is that you should be open to making friends, and keeping your door open is a great way to do it! It’s really easy to feel lonely at Uni, but if the people in your block see you with your door open, they’re more likely to come and say hi. You’ll be sharing clothes and divulging your deepest secrets in no time.

Don’t: Fall for someone in your flat

I know you’ve heard this advice so many times. But really, try not to. Chances are you’re not going to like them once the beer goggles have worn off and you’ve had the chance to meet some other people – and bumping into them making midnight snacks in the kitchen or coming out of the shower is just going to be plain awkward.

Fresher's Week: Do's and Don'ts
Plus: IMO being single at Uni is the best

Do: Check in with yourself

Another huge assumption about Fresher’s Week is that it’s going to be the most fun you’ve ever had. But that’s not necessarily the case, and if it doesn’t quite live up to expectations it can leave you feeling down. Remember to check in with yourself, call home if you’re feeling lonely and ask for help if you need it.

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Fresher's Week: Do's and Don'ts

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